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Self-taught at early age (5-9 years old); art classes at the George Washington University, Montgomerry College, and Maryland University; influenced by French impressionists


I am from a place of people who have been marked by the tribulations of history and constant migrations over Oceans and across continents. This is where I found inspiration, dipping my brushes in the soil of my ancestors and in the oceans they crossed, to spread colors and movement in waves and patterns. On the virgin canvas and lets the whole world know that i am still alive and kicking despite. I am the memory of my History.

Ultimately art has been a secret love affair with myself and my roots and I use my brushes to constantly write and rewrite the history of this love affair bringing it out of the shadows and making it colorful for others to learn and to enjoy.

New England Exhibits: James William University, Massachusetts State House, Caribbeans Art Gallery, Boston City Hall, Gallery 33/Brockton Arts, Massasoit Community College, Everett Public Library, In Sight Art Gallery, West Bridgewater Library, Hyde Park Public Library, Milford Town Library,Brockton Public Library



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Attleboro,  MA

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Art from Heart project with Gallery 33/Brockton Arts.  Exhibitions: Gallery 33/Brockton Arts and Brockton Public Library

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Massasoit Community College, Official Citation from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State House


Media Coverage: Boston Haitian Reporters, Everett Independent, Daily News, Hyde Park Herald

Other: Caribbeans Art Gallery Award (Boston); featured in the anthology Presence Feminine Dans L'Art Haitien by art historian Marie Alice Theard; featured in the anthology Migrating Colors by the Haitian Artists Assembly of Massachusetts