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Community Exhibit at Massasoit Community College, Brockton

December 2017

Book signing of Migrating Colors, at Boston City Hall, January 12, 2018

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Mimi's Gala in Attleboro, Arpil 2017

Gallery Talk with Mimi Desir at West Bridgewater Public Library, December 2017

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Migrating Colors book signing at Boston City Hall January 12, 2018

Art Gallery on trees, August 13, 2018 picnic for the making of the book Migrating Colors

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We all coordinate with each other on a volunteer basis. It is about enlighting each other on what can be done and carry our dream forward.

Fine Arts

Event Planner

Promoter of Arts

Solo and Group Exhibits

Art from Heart classes

Art & Crafts

Advisor and

Data Research

Coordinator of Events

Paul M. Martin

Mimi Desir, Visual Artist